My name is Jordan Sparks, a Canadian Multimedia Artist, Designer, and Educator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a graduate of Ryerson University with a Master of Arts in Media Production and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media. While my skillset encompasses many different fields, I’m most prominently known for my work graphic design, video production, interactive media, and education, with many years of self-taught personal and academic experience. I use videos, art, and interactive technology to explore how media experiences can entertain the masses and inspire social change.

I have a solid history using a variety of digital and traditional art processes towards graphic design, illustration, photography, and image manipulation projects for personal or professional use. This includes my work on Spark Comics, my self-published webcomic series with over 100 pages, a variety of personal mixed media artworks, and various freelance projects. Additionally, I am very skilled in video editing and production. I have developed countless videos in many genres, including animation, documentary, music videos, and more, as well as audio production and recording for voice over. I excel in finding the best way to express a project in video form and clearly convey its message and meaning to an audience. In addition to self-publishing on various platforms, my video work has been used by clients such as Ryerson University, TSN, and All-4-One Studios Inc.

I am highly regarded for my work in interactive media and technology, more specifically video games, with my research into Games For Social Change. Part of my artistic practice heavily explores the nature of interactive electronics and digital experiences through robotics, game design, user interfaces, and installations. All of my video game projects have been exhibited at event showcases across Toronto, including the META 2014, the Level Up Showcase, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and more, with some featured in press coverage by news outlets such as the Torontoist, Toronto Star, and CityNews. My research earned me several invitations to be a Guest Lecturer at Sheridan College from 2017 – 2018.

In addition to my other specialties, I am also passionate about empowering people through Creative Education and technology. I have a solid history of organizing, leading, and developing award-winning educational programs, workshops, and events. My Educational qualifications include digital literacy, technology, and game design, and every one of my previously mentioned specialties. In addition, I have mentored and assisted at other organizations, including Ladies Learning Code, Black Youth In Tech Education (BYTE) and the Hand-Eye Society. Currently, I work at the Royal Ontario Museum as a Makerspace Technician, where I teach visiting school groups, adults, and staff how to use various maker technologies and programs such as iPads and 3D Printers, and STEAM Labs as a Maker Educator, where I teach lead the video game development course, teach laser cutting, and assist patrons.

For more details about me and my work, please download my CV below and observe my work on this website. If you wish to contact me or inquire about a job/freelance opportunity, please use my contact page. I hope you enjoy my work and have a Sparktacular day!

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