Video Production

I am a self-taught video editor and have created countless video projects, both personally and professionally, since 2004. I am very knowledgeable in video editing, production, and animation using a variety of programs. With over a decade of experience, this is a sample of my work. There are additional videos in the Interactive Media section documenting my other works. I also have a Vocal Reel to demonstrate my audio production and voice over abilities. Additionally, I’m a content creator and social media coordinator for The Three Amiibros. Enjoy!

The Wonderful 101 – Fan Commercial

The first in a future series of fan commercials. The idea was to take media properties that weren’t heavily advertised, if at all, and approach it like a marketing firm. As such, this video was designed to adhere to Nintendo’s marketing guidelines for Wii U products, with some necessary exceptions, but did not use any assets directly from Nintendo’s marketing materials. This short advert for The Wonderful 101 video game makes note of its humor and pulse-pounding action while inspiring viewers to “Be a Hero”. This video was developed in Adobe Premiere Pro, with the voice over recorded in Logic Pro X, and the footage captured with an Elgato Game Capture HD. The Wii U Console & Gamepad are 3D models I designed and rendered in Autodesk Maya to market the system along with the game.

CIM2 Research Documentation Videos

As student Research Assistant for Ryerson University’s CIM2 and RML Multimedia Research Laboratories from 2010 – 2015, I created all of their documentation videos for various innovative computer engineering projects by graduate students working under Dr. Ling Guan. I also contributed graphic models and 3D assets to the laboratory’s multimedia projects and developed short interactive features. Laboratory projects included prototype computer vision, virtual reality, augmented reality, health and wellness, gesture recognition, CAVE, and communications projects.

Coordinating with the graduate students and staff, I scripted, directed, filmed, and edited the laboratory’s documentation videos for 5 years. Students and staff were consulted to accurately portray the research, features, and concept within a short video. These videos, as well as all others I created for the laboratory, were shown at technology conferences, as well as to Ryerson University faculty and business partners. I have compiled some of these videos in a collection on my Vimeo Channel.

All For One (Text Animation)

A ‘Three Musketeers’ inspired drama about LGBTQ+ University students, All For One vlogs its story to a fictional audience that interacts with its characters. I was contracted by Cherrydale Productions and their associates to design and animate the audience text animation for Episodes 17, 19, and 20 of All For One’s Second Season on KindaTV.

BL33P – Mock Promo Video

A mock advertisment for the Ryerson Supercourse. BL33P was a mock project for a repair dispatch service that would repair phones and other technologies in store or on site. Created with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Logic Pro. Music by Sam Legros.

Gundam Build Heroes

Finalist: Anime North 2016 Music Video Competition
Finalist: Animethon 2016 Music Video Competition

A fan music video of the anime Gundam Build Fighters using the Japanese song Hero: Song of Hope by Flow and my own brief dubbing created with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Logic Pro X. This music video takes viewers on a journey through the action-packed story of the anime series. The footage is also heavily color corrected to enhance the hues of the animation. Gundam Build Heroes was selected as a Finalist in Music Video Competitions at Anime North 2016 and Animethon 2016 and was broadcast at both conventions.

The Fun Has Just Begun!

Finalist: Anime North 2017 Music Video Competition

A fan music video of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V using Queen’s hit song Don’t Stop me Now and my own voice for brief dubbing. This music video is meant to act as a tribute to the series and capture the themes of fun, smiles, and excitement present throughout its story. This video was a Finalist at the Anime North 2017 Music Video Competition.

Incision – Opening Sequence

This opening sequence was requested by a Ryerson group in the Radio & Television program called Oddball Pictures who were making a film and wanted an opening credit animation on short notice. I worked with the director and cast to storyboard and animate this opening sequence.

The First Day

This experimental animated short film was made for a 1-minute video project in 2010 as an assignment in my first semester in Ryerson University’s New Media program. Characters featured in this short are based on my previous The Legend of Shad cartoon. It was meant to represent the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety when being in a new social environment, such as beginning life at a new University, and having trouble talking to others and featured animated characters in the real world. The intention of the piece is to inspire students to overcome their inner social anxiety in their new university environment.

Game Maker’s Union 2014 Reel

A demo reel created for the Game Maker’s Union (GMU), Ryerson University’s game development student group. I directed, filmed, animated, and edited this video featuring club activities and games from our members. I was part of the Game Maker’s Union’s executive team for over 3 years as the Public Relations Executive (2012 – 2013), Vice-President (2013 – 2014), and finally as President (2014 – 2015). As the major leader of the GMU from 2012 – 2015, I directed all marketing campaigns across print, e-mail, and social media, managed website content, focused efforts toward education by organizing and instructing new educational events and initiatives, and independently founded the annual Checkpoint Conference from 2013 – 2015 that featured guest speakers from the video game industry. These efforts transformed the GMU from a small group of 10 students to a large, inclusive community of over 450 members by 2015.

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